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We Buy / Sell Reliable, Used or Surplus Robots and Automation Components

​                     (Specializing Exclusively in Panasonic Robots)

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We understand the frustration small and mid size companies have with the extremely high cost normally associated with automating their production processes. At, our mission is to provide automation users and system integrators with affordable options when integrating, upgrading or repairing their automation systems. We offer quality used or surplus robots, automation components and replacement parts in an extremely professional and responsive manor.

Also, please check out our parent company Custom Equipment Engineering, LLC (on the link below), for turnkey robotic system integration, custom fixturing and special tooling needs.

  Robots (exclusively Panasonic)

We're constantly searching for used or surplus robots and automation components. We normally purchase  in large lots at discounted prices, thereby allowing us to provide these components to our customers at a fraction of the new, OEM price.

Pneumatic Clamps


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