Just In: (3) Sabre Alpha1, Autonomous Abrasive Blast Robotic Systems


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Operator Control Terminal (OCT)

Robot  Manipulator suited up for Blasting

Safety Control Unit (SCU)

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Manipulator Wrist Axis

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Robot Manipulator (Bare)

Complete System

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(3)  extremely unique robotic systems built around the Precision (& Portable), Schunk S0172-S0239 (6) Axis Robotic Manipulator. These systems were originally designed exclusively* for the autonomous abrasive blasting of large internal structures (tanker cars, pressure vessels, etc.) and other applications, that were deemed too unsafe/difficult for human blast operators to perform in.

The systems each consist of the following primary components:

  1. Robot Manipulator + Robot Control Unit (RCU)
  2. Operator Control Terminal (OCT)
  3. Safety Control Unit (SCU)
  4. Mains power supply cable
  5. Connecting cable, robot power and data
  6. Connecting cable, OCT
  7. End effector with 3D sensor and blast nozzle attachment
  8. Lifting frame for manipulator

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to unique nature of this application; any re-purposing of these Schunk robots for other applications will require substantial development and integration efforts; including the replacement of the basic operating system, installation of specific application software and also possible control hardware changes.